Lachman (The Last Lincolns: The Rise and Fall of a Great American Family) does an outstanding job of making the resolution of a horrific cold-case murder into a gripping page-turner. The murder case dates back to December 1957, in the small Illinois town of Sycamore. Two young girls, Maria Ridulph and Kathy Sigman, were playing just outside their homes when a stranger approached them, introducing himself as Johnny and offering to give the girls piggyback rides. – Publishers Weekly


A SECRET LIFE: The Lies and Scandals of President Grover Cleveland

“Epic history . . . gripping and suspenseful” Christian Science Monitor

Press Release for A Secret Life

Famed as a pugnaciously honest leader, Grover Cleveland set the tone for what a politician should do when caught in scandal: “Whatever you say, tell the truth.” But to save himself from career-ending allegations involving a rape and violence, he lied — and won election to two terms as president of the United States.

Now, in his gripping work of nonfiction, A SECRET LIFE: The Lies and Scandals of President Grover Cleveland (Skyhorse Publishing; July 25, 2011; $24.95), acclaimed author Charles Lachman reveals that Cleveland led a secret life that previous histories and biographies have overlooked. Lachman’s heavily researched, engrossing work of investigative history will rewrite the way history looks at one of our most esteemed presidents.


THE LAST LINCOLNS: The Rise and Fall of a Great American Family

“Brilliant.” New York Post

“...a fascinating and well-researched family history that documents the traumatic impact of Lincoln’s assassination on his family and, the Lincoln legacy. A skilled storyteller, Lachman... paints an intimate portrait of Mary Lincoln, who never forgave her son Robert for sending her to a mental institution.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Important and engaging. . . . Charles Lachman has written an absorbing, well-researched account of the Lincoln family from their days as America’s first family to their twentieth century tribulations. A compelling story, The Last Lincolns definitively answers the question of what happened to members of the family after Lincoln’s assassination.”
Jean H. Baker, professor of history, Goucher College, author, Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography

“Charles Lachman has given us a spellbinding account of Abraham Lincoln’s family and descendants – right down to the last one, or so we think.”
Frank J. Williams, found chairman, The Lincoln Forum, chief justice, Rhode Island Supreme Court.

“Who could imagine the Great Emancipator’s Family falling into scandal and disgrace so soon after his murder? Yet they did, as Charles Lachman chronicles in this intimate portrait of decline.”
Kenneth D. Ackerman, author, Dark Horse: The Surprise Election and Political Murder of President James A. Garfield.